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 Svetlana 1 Svetlana 2
Svetlana 3 
Svetlana 4
The above four photographs courtesy of Svetlana Bespalova showing the use of lace moulds, flower making and modelling skills.
They are all very beautifully executed...many thanks Svetlana.
CT1  CT2  CT3  CT4  CT5 
 CT6  CT7  CT9  CT10  
The same few moulds were used to create the above designs, which could be used as side or top designs on a cake. They are: Art Deco Floral mould 1 , Art Deco Floral mould 2 , Art Deco Drop mould , Three tier flower mould , and Leaf mould 4
Side Bar 2  Side Bar 1 
 Side Baroque 2  Side HCM
The four side designs above are the same 8"cake dummy decorated differently on each side, which shows alternatives to running a ribbon around the side of the cake. Clockwise from the top left, the moulds that were used are: Floral Bar mould 2 , Floral Bar mould 1 , Hand carved Medallion mould , and Baroque Mould 2  
Madeline lace flower
Thinking outside the box a little, and wondering what other uses a lace mould might have, I decided to make some lace flowers! The little spray above was made using the whole area of the Madeline lace mould for the large flower and just the centre part of the mould for the smaller flowers, using the mexican hat method for both. The leaves were made from the Arwen leaf mould, and wired.
Anika Lace flower 1  Anika lace flower 3 
Another two examples of lace mould flowers. These were both made with the Anika lace mould. The flower on the left was made using the mexican hat method from the whole of the mould. Manufactured stamens attached to a wire were inserted into the centre of the flower, and supported until it was dry. The leaves were freehand cut and embossed by pushing the paste into the surface of the mould. The flower on the right was made by making a lace piece and leaving it to dry in an apple tray. The "stamens" are tiny balls of paste glued in place with a sugar glue. The leaves are lace pieces made using the Arwen leaf mould and left to dry over a slightly curved surface.
Lace cake 2
Beautiful romantic lace covered cake designed and executed by Mrs M Wilkinson. The moulds used for this cake can all be found in the online shop under the category "Lace and Bling"
Filigree cake
Very simple and elegant wedding cake. The flowers comprise of roses, hydrangea blooms, lily of the valley and small filler flowers. Top and bottom tiers covered with filligree work, and the cake stand was hand made. 
Wins cake 2

A simple last minute cake, decorated using only moulds. The flower spray was made using the Open flower mould and the Leaf Duo mould, and the border between cake and board was made using the larger mould from the Border Bow Duo mould set.
Calla wedding cake P Whorwood P Whorwood close up lilies
Stunningly elegant Calla lily Wedding cake ~ Photograph's courtesy of Mrs P Whorwood 
Flame lilies S Koyd
Another stunning arrangement ~ Flame lilies courtesy of Mrs S Koyd
Red Poppies S Koyd Dogwood M Morton

Beautiful Ikebana Poppy arrangement on the left, photograph courtesy of Mrs S Koyd & stunning Dogwood and Fern arrangement on the right, photograph courtesy of Mrs M Morton. 

S Koyd lily 1
S Koyd lily 2
Stunning lilies, made with the Small lily petal veiner set.
Images courtesy of Mrs S Koyd
Vivienne Westwood inspired
The above cake was inspired by British fashion icon, Dame Vivienne Westwood. The decorative panel on the front of the handbag is a runout, as is the Orb/Crown logo on the cake board.
Permission was sought and granted from the Vivienne Westwood organisation to use the designs before this cake was made, simply because it was not made for gain, i.e. not sold.  Copyright is something you should always consider when preparing to use anyone else's designs. Stay within the Copyright laws, and ask permission first.  If permission isnt granted, don't do it.
Tulips. S Koyd
Absolutely delightful and beautifully coloured arrangement of tulips made with the stylised tulip petal veiner
Photograph courtesy of Mrs S Koyd
Arum Cake Jo Lewis
A beautiful and tastefully elegant two tier wedding cake, featuring flowers made with the calla lily veiner.
Photograph courtesy of Mrs Jo Lewis
Calla leaf with clematis Trillium on cake
Same cake, two entirely different flower sprays. The one on the left features a clematis flower made with the wide clematis veiner and foliage made with the calla lily petal/spathe, and the one on the right featuring the trillium spray which can be found in the flower gallery. 
Moth Orchids 2 GG
Moth orchids GG
Placed on a wedding cake featuring Gelatine sequins, Moth Orchids made using the Large Moth Orchid set.
Pictures courtesy of Jenny Gibson at Lavender-Cakes

Sunflower cake

 Would your heart sink when faced with the prospect of decorating a "shop bought" cake?  Not this lady! She rose to the challenge beautifully, and produced the stunning creation above.  Picture courtesy of Mrs A Hammond
A beautiful winning creation from B Fisher, for who Moth Orchids were a first, and the tiara is Royal Iced!
tiger lily & fern cake
Simple plain cake with Tiger lily & Ferns
Run out wreath Christmas Elf
A Christmas Wreath made from Run Sugar and a Christmas Elf modelled using half and half sugarpaste and petal paste
CL large
CL large2
CL small1
CL small2
CL small3
CL small4
Fabulous foliage! All the above leaf sprays courtesy of Cardiff students: Tutor C. Lovell
An amazing piece of Sugar work produced by Cardiff Students. You could almost pick those blossoms off those branches! Tutor C Lovell
Above and below, Black and white themed celebration cakes, also produced by Cardiff students. Tutor C Lovell
CLF3 I'm sure you will agree that the Spring Flowers to the left, and all of the sugar flower and cake displays above are stunning. The students of Cardiff are to be congratulated along with their tutor.
heart cushion 1
heart cushion 2
Heart Cushion Wedding Cake, simple and elegant
red calla cake
Based on a design in "Wedding Cakes A Design Source"

Girlie with lolly

Girlie with lolly back view

Girlie with lolly: Front and back views. Made from modelling paste 
Marzipan model
Marzipan piece made for Third year Cake Decorating & Sugarcraft Course. First Prize
 A simple birthday cake decorated with roses made using a five petal blossom cutter, with pulled blossoms & buds
Cold Porcelain rose sprays:
The two on the right courtesy of Miss D Gibson & Mrs S Skelton, both of who had never made a flower or used CP before.
Made for a card magician. The playing cards were made using edible images. These were attached to modelling paste first and left to dry off before they were cut out. When the cards were removed from the cake, the recipient was able to shuffle them and perform a card trick, much to his delight.
Violin made from pastillage, and cake made for a lady who built her own violin at night school.
Made for an Exhibition from modelling paste and petal paste; Gold Award
doms cake Dawn
          Published courtesy of Mrs M Wilkinson                              Cold porcelain courtesy of Mrs D Topliss
Both the above courtesy of Mrs M Wilkinson
3 tier heart shaped wedding cake with piped lace embroidery and lace pieces, courtesy of Mrs M Wilkinson

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