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Making this Rose Spray reawakened my interest in Cold Porcelain, and I just love the delicacy that can be achieved with it.
The leaves were made using the Valentine rose leaf veiners and the rose petals were veined using the poppy petal veiner. Not true representations of rose petals but the rippled effect is very very pretty.
Cold Porcelain Rose Spray
tangerine rose spray
A more traditional looking rose!
Although the outer petals on this rose were veined with the rose petal veiner, this doesn't show up in the photograph.
The leaves were made using all three sizes of the Fat Rose leaf veiners which are a much rounder leaf.
I think the Philadelphus (Mock Orange) bush is one of the prettiest flowering summer bushes, and the flowers just seem to keep on coming! This particular flower just has a head of single petals, but they often have a double row of petals.
The stamens in the centre of the flowers were made using the wound finger method, the ends dipped in egg white and then lemon coloured polenta.  The flower heads themselves were made using the philadelphus flower veiner, and the leaves using all three sizes of the philadelphus leaf veiners.
Philadelphus (Mock Orange)
phalaenopsis orchids
I think all orchids are very beautiful, but the Phalaenopsis/Moth orchid has to be one of my favourites. These orchids seem to be available all year round now and come in some wonderful colours.
The petals here were made using the Large Moth Orchid veiner, and the labellums were cut using a Tinkertech Two labellum cutter.
This cake was made for a friend as a gift, and as there was no specification to follow, I could let my imagination run away a bit! I only knew I wanted the cake to have a tropical look.
The leaves in the centre back of the photo were made using the Gardenia veiners. The leaves to the right were made using the Guava veiners, and the ones to the left were made using the Devil's Ivy leaf veiner. To achieve the "cheeseplant" look, I cut into the leaf with the cutting wheel and removed small holes from the centre of the leaves with a craft knife.
The large yellow flowers in front were made using the Ornamental Cabbage Rose veiners, and the red flowers to the right were pulled. The blue seed heads in the centre were made using the Briza Maxima Mould and the arrangement was finished off with red bear grass and a sugar gecko.
Tropical Cake

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