Pulled blossom

Simple pulled blossoms
You will need:
Petal paste
Cornflour bag
Craft knife (sharp blade)
Piece of dowelling sharpened to a point
cocktail stick
Glue of choice
stamens (optional)
Take a small pea sized piece of paste and shape into a teardrop by rolling one side on the heel of your hand.




Insert the pointed end of the dowel into the rounded end of the paste. You should push the dowel well down into the paste but twiddle it slightly as you go, to make sure it does not stick to the paste.
Make 5 equal cuts in the paste around the dowel keeping the blade of your craft knife flat (don't poke or drag the craft knife) 




Take the cone of paste off the dowel and open up the petals
(Cutting the petals can be done with a sharp pair of scissors if you find it difficult to get an equal distance between the cuts. Take the cone of paste off the dowel first though!)
PF8takeoffdowel PF9openuppetals  
With your finger and thumb, go around the blossom and pinch and flatten each petal several times until you are happy with the shape.
PF10pinchpetals PF11allpinched PF12flattenpetals
At this stage you could leave the blossom as it is and insert a hooked wire and stamens, or you can thin the petals further using a cocktail stick.
Dip the side of your index finger into the cornflour bag (this is so the paste won't stick to your finger)
PF13startrolling PF14continuerolling PF15allrolled
Place each petal over your finger in turn and from the centre of each petal use a rolling motion from left to right with the cocktail stick to splay and frill the petals.  The cocktail stick here has had its points removed using fine glass paper. 

Once you are happy with the blossom, pull a dampened hooked wire down into the throat of the blossom, making sure that the hook is well bedded in the paste. Insert stamens if you wish. An alternative would be to pop a tiny piece of paste into the centre of the throat, paint with a little glue of your choice and sprinkle with polenta grains, or a commercially made pollen. 


The finished blossom, which has been lightly dusted with petal dust. You should steam the flower to set the petal dust and prevent the dust from staining your cake.

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