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Alstroemerias (or Peruvian Lilies) are beautiful flowers, and they can be pale and very understated, or bright and colourful like the one shown here. This flower was made using the smaller set of Alstroemeria veiners, and the foliage was made using the Maranta leaf veiner. The same leaf veiner was used to make the three leaf sizes.
Maranta leaves have beautiful patternation and striking colours. (Search the internet for examples)
The Hibiscus shown here is based on an Hawaiian example. The petals of the Hibiscus flower can be very diverse in both shape and colour, they can be the purest white and some can be so bright, they knock your eyes out. Some flowers have very open petals and others have overlapping petals. Some have very obvious pollen at the ends of the stamens and some do not. Some have very frilly petals and some don't. So, this is a flower you can play around with.
The one I used to make these veiners was bit of a misnoma. The stigmas(the little round balls which are usually at the tip of the long column) protruded from somewhere halfway down the column!! (Very odd)
This arrangement was made using the Hibiscus petal veiner and all three sizes of the leaf veiner.
Hibiscus Hawaiian style
Large Lily
Some people don't like lilies because of the smell, but I'm not one of them.
I love the fact that we can these days have these long lasting flowers all year round, the most incredible show of colour with stems of multiple buds, and the flowers themselves seeming to say "Look, you can't miss me!"
They are such a proud flower.
This lily flower was made using the Oriental lily veiners, the stamens were made with twisted stem tape and dusted pale green, and the leaves were made using the small lily leaf veiner.
It is loosely coloured as a "Stargazer"
Another example of alstroemeria flowers with variegated foliage, the colours of which I copied from a plant I saw in a hanging basket in a local supermarket. The leaves were made with a pale green coloured paste, veined with a lily leaf veiner and dusted with a mixture of plum and burgundy dusting colours "in stripes" The gaps in between were dusted very lightly with various shades of green petal dust before being steamed and lightly painted with confectioners varnish.
Lilac Alstroemeria
Periwinkle leaves, like ivy, are another of those odd leaves that have their veins prominently sitting on the top of the leaf rather than being inverted. These leaves were colour washed with a couple of different shades of green before being steamed and varnished.
They can be a single green colour too, ranging from a very "spring green" to very dark. The older the leaves the darker they seem to get.
The flowers here were made using a dianthus cutter and I should have stretched the petals more to give them a more pinwheel look.
Vancouver Centennial Geranium. A very unusual plant which is becoming increasingly popular. I have coloured the foliage on the leaves predominantly burgundy but they also appear with much less colour on the leaves.
All three veiners were used here and the little red flowers were pulled.
Vancouver Centennial

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