Veining Ivy with egg white
Most ivy leaves will have their veins prominently on top of the leaf. ie. not inverted. This tutorial shows a different way of highlighting those veins. 
This method can be used with any other leaf where you wish to retard colour.
You can also use this process using confectioners glaze, but my preferred retardant is egg white.
Curious Ivy  Ivy Spray 
The veins of the ivy leaf on the right of the left hand picture have been painted with egg white before dusting, as have been all the ivy leaves on the right hand picture.
You will need:
Ivy leaves made with a pale base colour
Very fine tipped paintbrush
Egg white
Cotton buds
Dusting colours of your choice
Confectioners Glaze
Good eyesight, Good light, and a steady hand!
Step 1. Take your dry ivy leaf and hold at an angle where you can pick out the veining easily (this is where the good eyesight and good light come in handy).
Step 2. Dip your fine paintbrush into the egg white (making sure not to overload the brush) and paint over the veins that are standing out from your leaf (and this is where the steady hand comes in handy).
The egg white will be dry within minutes providing your leaves are completely dry.
Step 3. Dust the leaf in the colour of your choice. You may find at this stage (particularly if you have been a little heavy handed with the dust) that the dust has collected over the veins you have just painted in.  If this is the case, take a cotton bud and run the tip over the veins to remove the excess dust.
Step 4. Steam the leaf to set the colour and leave to dry. 
Step 5.  Once your leaf is dry completely, give a light coating of confectioners glaze

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