Arum/Calla Lily tutorial

This is one of the simplest flowers you could ever find to make, and should be within the capapabilities of most, whether you are new to the craft or more experienced.
The veiner used here makes a flower about two and a half inches in height. If you want a more realistic sized flower, you can cut a template very simply to the size you want and the process for making the lily will be the same as shown below, but on a larger scale.
What you will need:
Rolling Board
Rolling pin
Calla/Arum lily Spathe veiner (find here)
24g wire
Cutting wheel
Green stem tape
Kitchen towel
Paste of choice
Trex or Petal base
Glue of choice & brush
Dusting colours and brushes
Block of oasis or similar
To make the spadix, take a small piece of paste and roll into the shape shown.  Put a hook into the end of a piece of 24g wire, moisten the hook and push it into the bulbous end of the spadix. Set aside to dry.  When dry, coat the whole of the spadix with your chosen glue, making sure all areas are covered.
Dip the spadix into the neutral coloured polenta or semolina, shake off the excess and leave to dry.
Once dry, dust the base of the spadix with lemony or yellow coloured petal dust, and then just a hint of your final dusting colour.
Take a small ball of paste in your chosen colour and roll out thinly on your lightly greased board, but not too thinly, as this is a fleshy flower.
Place the rolled out paste over the veiner and press into the veiner with a piece of foam or the flat of your fingers. Cut out the shape using your cutting wheel.
Pinch the point of the spathe to create a gentle crease.
Moisten the bottom half of the spathe in the centre as shown, and place the dried spadix onto it, making sure that you leave a little exposed paste at the bottom.
Moisten the paste at either side of the spadix in the area shown. Turn one edge of the spathe inwards and press gently against the spadix so that the paste sticks to it.  Now bring the opposite side of the spathe over as shown. Pinch any excess paste you have into the wire and remove it. Gently touch the edges of the spathe over into a curve and pull the point of the spathe over backwards gently.
At this stage the flower is vulnerable, but should be holding its shape unless your paste is very soft, so leave to dry off in a block of oasis or similar before going any further.  Once dry you can dust.  Here I have dusted a little yellow petal dust into the throat of the flower and have dusted the spathe all over with my chosen colour(Dogwood Red) dust.  Dust a little green at the base of the flower, and also on the point of the spathe.
Calla lilies have thick stems and to achieve this effect, wrap thin strips of kitchen towel down the length of the wire till you get the thickness you require. Then you can tape over the stem with the green stem tape of your choice.
Cal22                  Cal23                                  
When you have finished taping, dust the tape and the base of the flower with your green petal dust again, to help blend the tape into the flower.  Steam the flower to set the petal dust.


Finished lilies!

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