Colour of product may differ from that shown
Use to vein single petals or multiple petals all at once, if using a multi petal blossom cutter. The blossoms in the spray shown below were veined using this product. 
Make a mexican hat and roll out the sides of the paste thinly. Cut out your chosen blossom. Make an indent in the centre of the paste to accommodate to point of the veiner and place the flower shape over it. You can either press with your fingers or a sponge or use a small rolling pin to roll the paste down the veiner. Turn the flower face downwards onto a thinning mat and run a ball tool around the edges of the petals to frill them lightly. Feed a hooked wire down through the centre of the flower, add stamens if required  and dry upside down if neccessary. Dust in colours of your choice.
Depending on the size of the cutters used these can be a focal point in your flower spray or used as filler flowers.

simple blossoms

Simple blossoms close

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