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Sugarcraft artists love Ivy!
It has been fascinating for me to see just how many different named ivies there are! If asked what an ivy looked like, I think most people would describe a squat 3 lobed leaf. 
But.......there are literally hundreds of them! Ivies have been around for thousands of years, and have been hybridised, cultivated, and allowed to diversify into the many superb specimens that there are today.
Take a close look at an ivy plant and you will see how a single plant can carry many differently shaped and coloured leaves.
I have chosen my specimens carefully, and although they may look a little odd at first compared with the other veiners that are available commercially, the majority of them are botanically correct.
In order not to confuse myself and others I have chosen my own names for these products, as identifying them has proved to be an impossible task, so hopefully you will not concern yourself over how the product is named, but how it looks, and hopefully there is something here to interest everyone.

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