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Dusky Rose moulds are made from the same high quality food grade silicone as the leaf and petal veiners. They can be used with any mouldable material and will not split or tear with normal use. All moulds are hand made.
If using sugar, you need to be sure that the paste you are using is not too soft or sticky. Despite silicone being non stick, sticky sugar will stick to it. Suggested sugar mixes are half and half flowerpaste with sugarpaste, half and half mexican paste with sugarpaste or flowerpaste on its own.
Rub around the inside of the mould with the tiniest smear of white fat(trex) before using and this should ensure that your pieces demould cleanly. (Over use of white fat will affect the use of dusting colours)
Most moulds work best when underfilled.
Keep the moulds clean by giving them a wash in warm soapy water, and never use a knife or anything sharp to cut away or push paste out of the mould.
Please note: All sizes are in centimetres

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