Dusky Rose veiners Tutorials

Dusky Rose Veiners Tutorials


The step by step tutorials here are a sharing of knowledge, and to help those of you who would like to take your first tentative steps into the world of sugar flowers.
The tutorials may or may not feature the products available on this site.
The purpose of Dusky Rose veiners is to be both a template as well as a traditional veiner, which I believe makes them quite unique.  Freehand cutting may be a completely new concept to many of you, but the majority of them can be used very easily using the method I demonstrate in the first tutorial. They are not restrictive in their use and you can cut any shape you wish from the impresssions made with them. They can of course be used with cutters in the traditional way, if you have them.  Some of the smaller veiners can also be used to make impressions in freshly rolled out sugarpaste.
As previously stated, the veiners have been developed so that they may be used as a template, which is why they are not double sided. Should you wish to have a double sided veiner that you can use with cutters, this can be simply done by making an impression in a piece of non toxic polymer clay with the veiner. Cut out the impression which has been left in the clay and bake as per the instructions. There are also other products that you could use, such as "Siligum Paste", but you should always make sure that whatever product you are using is non toxic and safe.
The things I have made here are my own interpretation, and there are many sugar flower makers you can take inspiration from as well as many other methods which are worth exploring.
I hope you find my step by steps useful and informative. As time allows I will add to them, and if there is anything you would like to see here, please get in touch using the contact form, or email me at: [email protected]
I am happy to provide a printable copy to my "customers" of any of the files here, please email me for details.
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Philadelphus Flower (Mock Orange)

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