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I have been a Cake Decorator/Sugarcrafter for many years.  My first dalliance with cake decorating and sugar was as a small child in the kitchen with my mother, who used to make and ice the most elaborate Royal Iced cakes. The decorations then were made with silvered and gilded paper and wax. Things certainly have changed since then, but she nurtured an interest (and at times a passion) that has stayed with me throughout most of my life.

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The products here are all hand made, the veiners are life size, and true to nature. They can be used in Cake Decorating/Sugarcraft as a traditional veiner using cutters, but they have been uniquely created so that they can also be used as templates, eliminating the need for many cutters. This may be a concept which is new to those who have never used the freehand method of making leaves and petals before, and by following the step by step leaf and Sugar Flower tutorials you will see how simple they are to use. The examples you see here, both in the gallery and on the product pages have been made by myself using these products.  I will be adding to these and to the tutorials as time allows.
Most of the leaf and petal veiners once started life as a real piece of nature, and most of them are as nature intended them to be.  Some, where the detail is sparse, or where slight alteration would enhance ease of use or appearance, have had a little help in their development.  There are also a few items which have been created by myself, and these are identified in the product information


My aim is to make available and affordable a range of easy to use veiners and moulds for sugar flowers and leaves to bring your Cake decorating/Sugarcraft creations to life.
Most sugarcraft artists develop their own methods, so although basic techniques can be learned, practice helps us to improve our own methods and the standard of the things that we create.
Although I am far from an expert, I hope you will enjoy looking through the tutorials and galleries at my efforts.


All of the products available here are made by hand, and large orders may take several days to complete. You will be notified when you have placed your order if items are not in stock. Alternately you can use the contact form to enquire about lead times.

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